Rescue Corgis

TL;DR Every corgi is unique and worthy of love, regardless of color. Please do not seek out corgis with “rare” colors and encourage irresponsible breeding to get one. Even the rarest colored corgis are not safe from abandonment and are frequently found dumped in shelters. Please consider adopting a corgi rather than supporting irresponsible breeders.

By now, you may know that many corgi enthusiasts get riled up when discussing the fad of Blue Merle Pembrokes. Part of the distaste for these and other corgi mixes comes from people “on the front lines” who see the consequences of these irresponsible breeders. Despite the hype and inflated price tags attached to “unique” corgis with “rare” colors, they are still regularly disowned in shelters. Responsible corgi devotees are left to clean up the messes irresponsible breeders leave in the form of rescuing corgi mixes. Irresponsible breeders prioritize color over health and structure, for profit, to the detriment of the dogs and their families.

Breeding for color does nothing to benefit the dog. Color doesn't count in their favor - beautifully colored dogs are abandoned and euthanized the same as the rest.

Here are just a few examples. I have an alert set on Petfinder to notify me of any corgi available for adoption in the country - and I find sad stories every day.

Here is a baby that was abandoned. We know Pembrokes never come in blue merle, so this red merle puppy is a mixed breed. Despite being "rare" and coveted (I've seen puppies like Eddie sell for $5,000), he was given away. When I see a puppy like this, 9/10, they have a severe health issue that will require special care for life. The Corgi Connection of Kansas rescued Eddie. It looks like this rescue purchased him from Craigslist, and I'm guessing they lost money on his rescue and adoption. Kudos to them - they surely could have charged 5 times more than their requested adoption fee.

Some other happy endings to share:

The trouble isn’t limited to corgis, though. I used Petfinder's search feature to find merle-colored dogs listed for adoption. Because most dogs labeled as merle are just spotted and not actually merle, I count them individually. Since I started this project, the numbers have only gone up, from 194 on my first count on 04/09/21 to 290 on 08/05/21. And this is only a small sample of dogs since many rescues do not have the time or resources to post to Petfinder. So many merle dogs, even the most expensive breeds like Frenchies and poodle mixes, are regularly forsaken to shelters. The worst is seeing the same dogs, week after week, waiting to find a home.

So to those who may be thinking, isn’t this proof that breeding is bad and should stop until there are no more dogs to rescue? Responsible breeders are proactive and accountable, and their actions keep their dogs from needing rescuing in the first place.

  • An adaptable temperament makes a dog less likely to be abandoned.

  • Sound body structure is less likely to experience illnesses and injuries and makes a dog less likely to be abandoned (for lack of funds to pay for expensive veterinary care).

  • A dedicated breeder who only sells puppies to responsible individuals/families makes a dog less likely to be abandoned.

  • A dedicated breeder who will always offer training advice and support through life's road bumps makes a dog less likely to be abandoned.

  • After the check has cleared, a dedicated breeder who cares for their puppies keeps their dogs from ever being abandoned.

Find a breeder that doesn't prioritize color and instead prioritizes the lives of every puppy they produce, from the day they join the earth to the day they leave.