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Pawliday Gift Ideas for your Corgi

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Lucky for you pup, you have an extra reason to spoil them. Here are some suggestions for some of our favorite toys to gift the naughty and nice pups.

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

This toy has been a long-time favorite in my family, well before the corgis were in our lives.It is the classic type of treat dispensing ball - as it rolls along, it drops kibbles for your pup to hoover up. It dispenses at a good rate, not too fast or slow, and its bright color makes it easy to find wherever it is rolled away to. It is a toy I only use for kibble or small treats; if you pick the wrong size/shape of treat, there is no easy way to remove it. It makes my personal list because of the sentimental memories of using it with my first pet, and for keeping it simple.

Starmark Treat Dispensing Treat Ball

This toy reigns above the rest as the top treat ball in our house. It is by far the longest-lasting, and challenging enough that our pups will sometimes give up on extracting the last kibble or two. Because of the soft material and hollow interior, the toy can be pleasant for your pup to chomp on and toss around even without treats. I bought the largest size to accommodate the larger kibble sizes we use, and because of how much my pups liked it, bought all the other sizes too.

Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat

This toy is an underrated gem and absolutely worth buying. Its unique shape brings a new twist (haha) on the classic rolling toys, and gives a slightly different challenge for pups experienced in treat dispensing toys. It is my favorite for being one of the longest-lasting dispenser toys I’ve ever bought, requiring more time and effort for the pups to deplete. Its design is easy to clean, but requires a bit of practice to fill without spilling kibble everywhere. I bought the Large version to accommodate the larger shaped kibble I use, and to be able to put their entire meal in at once.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy

You’ll notice that most of the toy suggestions revolve around treats, so this one stands out as a toy mostly meant to be played with by itself. You stuff the little squirrels into the tree, and your pup gets to enjoy rooting them out and ripping them from their home. But as a corgi owner you know pure play doesn’t always cut it, and I still use this one mostly for hiding treats. The squirrels are surprisingly hardy, and I’ve purchased extras to make the tree more tightly packed, and will throw in other soft toys to make treat extraction more difficult.

Starmark Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket

This toy gets bonus points for its unique shape, and silly name. This is less of a treat dispensing toy and more of a treat trapping toy. It is fun to roll around, but that behavior alone won’t give them the goodies. I will sometimes put kibble in these, but it tends to stretch out the crevice, and making it too easy for them to extract. You can also put thicker liquid-type treats into it (such as fruit or pumpkin puree, or if they’ve been really good, spray can cheese) and freeze. The best treat I’ve found to use with this toy is Earth Animal No-Hide Stix cut into thirds. It gives the right amount of challenge, but if you use this treat, make sure your pup can be trusted to chew it and not swallow it.

Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball

This toy makes our list because it also has a unique shape, and the company makes treats specifically to fit into them. It also allows me to put in treats of various shapes and sizes, and gives the pups a medium difficult challenge. It makes the list because it was the gateway toy to the Starmark brand, and as you can tell from the list, they have a knack for producing fun and enriching toys. However, the Bento Ball is lower on the list because the custom treats designed by the company are really, really hard to insert. Being able to put in a variety of treats makes it a regular toy in our rotation.

This should give you a head start into the New Year, and look out for additional posts on a few more of our favorite things to spoil your corgi!

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