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January 2022 Update

Howdy y’all! I wanted to share a quick update on litter plans for 2022. We are looking forward to breeding this summer, meaning puppies would go home in the fall/early winter. We plan to use that time to get to know the families who would like a puppy from us better, and I will share more info on our application process soon (that phrase sounds so formal, but really we just want to get to know you on a deeper, personal level, not just on paper).

I totally understand if you want a puppy sooner, and there’s no hard feelings if you want to seek out other options! I would be happy to help connect you with other responsible breeders who might have puppies available sooner. I'm glad your search lead you to us, but a lot of the places people look (Good Dog, AKC Marketplace, and especially Facebook) will bring you to less than responsible breeders.

To give you an idea of the timeline, let’s say hypothetically Mabel is bred on July 1st. Dams gestate for 63 days, so she would whelp around September 1st. Puppies must stay with their dam for at least 8 weeks, but many consider 10 weeks to be best practice. So these hypothetical puppies would be able to go to their new homes sometime in November. That means there’s about 19 weeks between breeding and puppies going home. So if you would like a puppy ASAP, keep the math I shared above in mind. For example, if you’re hoping to have a puppy home during your spring break, which is sometime in March, that means you would need to find a puppy that was born in early January. Most responsible breeders will have waitlists, and they get a surge of applications when there is a litter born (or “on the ground”), so let’s chat ASAP if you're aiming for an earlier "gotcha day".

Although we won't have puppies at our house until later this year, there is some interest in using Edward as a stud. If he were to sire a litter, it would be the owner of the dam who would be selling the puppies, so that might be another option for you to consider. We will be sure to share that information if/when another breeder announces those plans.

Breeding is only a part of what we hope to do in 2022. You may already know that we participate in many dog activities, but in Colorado, most of the dog events (conformation shows, scent work, FASTCAT, etc.) are concentrated in the Fall, so we are currently in the off season. We will be finishing trick and virtual rally titles for both Mabel and Edward soon, Edward is restarting his tracking training, and I’m looking into the NACSW virtual titles for Mabel. We hope all is well with you and your family, and you will be able to add a new best friend to your family this year, whether they be from us, or another responsible breeder. We'll keep you posted.


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