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Why Health Testing Matters

The importance of health testing dogs prior to breeding cannot be overstated. Puppy buyers may recognize the importance of health testing, but they might not know the details or terminology. For the sake of your future family member, make health testing your first question to any breeder, and make it a non-negotiable requirement.

Don’t gamble with the life and well-being of your future BFF. Before we get to the important and necessary health testing for corgis, here are some phrases you may hear from irresponsible breeders that should set off alarm bells:

  • "All of our dogs are triple clear!"

  • "Our dogs are fully genetically tested by Embark and clear for 200+ conditions."

  • "Our dogs are vet checked / have a health certificate."

  • "The vet says our dogs are perfectly healthy!"

  • "Our dogs have never had any health issues."

  • "Health testing is not accurate."

  • "Health testing is just a racket/gimmick to charge more."

Some puppy buyers decide they "don’t want to pay an arm and a leg" for a puppy, and gravitate towards breeders with cheaper prices who do minimal testing, or no testing at all. Or worse, they think a more expensive puppy must be better / healthier (in reality, irresponsible breeders and pet stores often charge double what you would pay from a responsible breeder who actually health tests)! You should consider health testing as an investment a breeder makes for the future of their dogs, the puppies they produce, and the breed overall. Dogs/breeding decisions should not be seen only in economic terms, but there is real value being added to the lives of the dogs by spending the money for health testing.

You can also consider health testing as insurance. You can pay the cost upfront to increase the odds that your best friend won’t experience preventable pain or early death. Testing is not a guarantee, but it increases the odds in favor for the next generation to be as healthy as possible. For corgis, a breeder could expect to pay approximately $1,000 per dog for basic health testing - a rather modest price, especially considering the overall cost to breed a litter. Breeders who want to profit will cut corners in care to reduce their costs. They pass on the financial and emotional burden, with interest, to be paid by the puppy and their family.

Think of a beloved dog in your life currently, or a pup who has passed, and how precious the days and years with them were. Loving owners know that the time we have with our pets is priceless, and no matter how long we get, it's never long enough. When a dog's time on earth is done, most of us would give so much to have even one more day with our best friend. Think of the dog you dream of sharing your future with - it should be worth paying a higher upfront cost for the possibility to share more time with them.

Please have the patience to wait for a puppy from an ethical preservation breeder, and be willing to pay a slightly higher price upfront. As you research breeders, TRUST BUT VERIFY! Any responsible breeder will happily provide proof of testing results and explain the results. Continue reading to learn what health tests are most important for the corgi breeds, and what results mean for your future puppy.

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