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Three adult Cardigan Welsh Corgis in grass.


The "WE" of Duendera Cardigans are the humans Sarah and Alex. Sarah does most of the work, but trust that Alex is in the background contributing his genius. We call Colorado Springs, Colorado our home.


Before we ever imagined a life with corgis, as kids we were raised by naughty Labrador Retrievers and a quirky Border Collie. We knew we would share our lives with dogs, and like stereotypical millennials, we worked hard to prepare for future "fur babies." Choosing a compatible breed required intense deliberation. Our final lineup was narrowed down to herding breeds, and although Pembrokes were in the running, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi was the clear winner.

Breeding was never in our original plans. However, during the 2 years it took us to find our perfect pup, we saw what it took for our family to be blessed with a beloved companion: breeders who put forth their passion, studied mountains of research, withstood heartbreak, and invested their love into every dam, sire, and puppy. We were asking these breeders to give us a piece of their heart, so we asked ourselves how we could pay it forward and mindfully contribute to the cause of preserving this breed, to be able to share this magnificent breed with the next generation.

We have not yet bred a litter, so we share with you our hopes and aspirations. We view breeding through our different educations - part art, part science, and sprinkled liberally with love. Our lives would not be complete without the pitter-patter of corgi paws, and we know you'll feel the same.

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