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CH Glasshouse Brave New World RATO BCAT

We are so grateful that Lori Frost (Glasshouse Cardigans) chose us to be Mabel's family. She is our forever puppy, as lively, silly, and carefree as the day she arrived. She balances her naughty spirit with her masterful use of puppy eyes.

Her passions include biting Edward's ankles, giving wet kisses to friends and strangers alike, soliciting any free hand for belly rubs, and playing tug. I know, that sounds generic, but she really does bring her own brand of gusto and sparkle to daily dog life.

Even with limited opportunities in 2020 due to the pandemic, she has enjoyed conformation shows, barn hunt, FASTCAT, nose work, and learning new tricks. She is close to finishing her AKC Championship, and continues to train for various performance venues. We look forward to earning more titles in 2022.

Breeding plans are not determined before passing all health tests. Enjoying her companionship and giving her a loving and enriching life is our first priority, and breeding secondary. We are happy to share that her health testing is complete, and planning for a litter will commence! Now is the time to get in touch to learn more and join the waitlist for Spring 2023. 

If you are hoping to add a Cardigan to your family sooner, please contact us for referrals to other responsible breeders.


October Updates
AKC Conformation: Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club, awarded two 4-point majors

November Updates
AKC Conformation: Southern Colorado Kennel Club. We are delighted to share that Mabel was awarded 2 point and earned her AKC CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Mabel is eager to never go to a show again and instead exclusively attend scent work and barn hunt trials. We are also anticipating, Mother Nature willing, a litter in 2023. Please contact us for more info!

PRA: Clear
Fluff: Carrier
Pink: Carrier
Dilute: Clear
Liver: Clear

OFA Hips: Fair
OFA Elbows: Normal
CAER: Normal
BAER: Normal
DM: Clear

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