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Find Your Puppy

2022 Litter Information

Send us a message to chat about our breeding plans and your dream puppy. If we're not the right fit, we can help refer you to other responsible breeders.

Start your puppy search with the Breeder's Directory from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America.

  • Submit a Cardi Wanted Application - This application will be sent to all CWCCA breeders, and they can contact you if they have a puppy/adult available that matches your needs.

  • Search the full breeder listing by state

  • View available Cardis by region - This page includes any puppies/adults CWCCA breeders have listed as available.

While you are applying for breeders, consider applying to rescues. Like responsible breeders, responsible rescues will have an application and interviewing process, and most will have long waitlists. Start the process now so you can be approved to adopt when "the one" comes along.

If you know a corgi in rescue, please contact us for a courtesy listing.

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